Below is footage from the arrests on day of the royal wedding, as well as footage of arrests made the day before.

Daniel Randall of the Charing Cross 10, Hannah Eiseman-Renyard of the Starbucks Zombies and their lawyerr Sophie Naftalin of Bhatt Murphy Solicitors talk to the Guardian.

Guardian Video

Charing Cross 10
Soho Square and the Starbucks Zombies
Chris Knight, Camilla Powers and the Government of the Dead
Charlie Veitch

The Charing Cross 10

The Charing Cross 10 are stopped and searched. At 57 seconds the member of the British Transport Police states “the Met have been going ’round, rounding up people for the royal wedding, to make sure there’s no problems.” They then ask for the protestors’ details. When the protestors refused, as they were completely within their rights to do, the British Transport Police used Section 60 powers to stop and search them.

The Charing Cross 10 – who remained peaceful throughout – after their stop and search, were kettled by police officers and TSG (territorial support group, also known as riot cops) ‘to prevent a breach of the peace’ and were then wrestled to the ground (assaulted) then arrested.

Soho Square and the Starbucks Zombies

In Soho Square one anarchist was snatched (and presumably arrested) by plainclothes police officers who did not announce themselves or give reason for his detention. In this video it is clear to see that he was not doing anything illegal. The cameraman was assaulted and then prevented from leaving Soho Square.

Seeing this happen, the five Starbucks Zombies who had been in Soho Square for a zombie flashmob, decided to leave the area as it looked like they may be about to be kettled. They went to a Starbucks on the corner of Oxford Street to get away and have a coffee, but from here they were stopped and searched under Section 60, and then arrested for ‘breach of the peace’.

The cameraman filming the Starbucks Zombies’ stop and search was stopped and searched himself under Section 60. When he did not give his name or details (as he was not obliged to do) he was assaulted and arrested for possession of his own credit card, which the police claimed could be stolen.

Having been illegally detained after their stop and search was over, the Starbucks Zombies are arrested by a different group of police officers who were brought in to affect the arrest. As you can see none of the police officers were quite clear on the charges.

The zombie-themed gathering in Soho Square, organised by Queer Resistance, carried on. At one minute 23 seconds the police officer states they must disperse or be arrested as “there are more and more pro-monarchy people coming here, I fear a breach of the peace, if you don’t move off my only alternative is to arrest you all for the breach of the peace.” (For the record: Soho Square was nowhere near the celebrations and the threats/excuses made by the police relating to royalists were tenuous at best. Anyone who wanted to see the royal wedding would have gone to see it.)
The activists clearly explain that they are not anti-royal but raising awareness about the cuts.

After their arrest, detention, and eventual release, three of the five Starbucks Zombies spoke to reporter Mary Hamilton about what had happened to them.

Another of the Starbucks Zombies speaks to Mary Hamilton about her ordeal. She would like the clarify that the powers were Section 60, not Section 16. She also wishes to retract her statement about people “clearly antagonising” the police. “I have since seen footage from up close of what actually happened. From across the square we could just see people getting wound up and loud, and we knew it’d be smart to get out of there fast.”

Arrests the day before the royal wedding

Chris Knight, Camilla Powers and the Government of the Dead

Retired anthropology professor Chris Knight, anthropology professor Camilla Powers and another associate of theirs were arrested on April 28th (the day before) for ‘conspiracy to create a public nuisance’ as they had planned to do street theatre related to the royal wedding.

In the video it is clear that the police took Ms Powers’ house keys to search her home, under the pretense that they would feed her pet rabbit.

Charlie Veitch of the Love Police

Veteran protestor Charlie Veitch was arrested on April 28th, the day before, because the police claimed to have “reasonable grounds to suspect that you have conspired with others to cause a public nuisance in relation to the royal wedding”. He was then moved to an undisclosed location and denied his right to a phonecall or a lawyer.

Charlie Veitch speaks about his experience:

Charlie Veitch speaks on ITN in the run-up to the Royal Wedding

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