In the News

The case has been reported everywhere from the BBC to the Guardian to the Daily Mail to the Morning Star. Links below in chronological order, starting with the most recent.

Olympic Games 2012: police plan pre-emptive arrests to stop disruption The Guardian 02/06/2012

Last day of ‘pre-crime’ court case over royal wedding arrests Ekklesia 01/06/2012

Anti-monarchy protests ‘suppressed’ in UK MSN NZ 29/05/2012

Anti-monarchists’ rights ‘suppressed’ The Herald 29/05/2012

Royal wedding protesters take Met police to high court
The Guardian 28/05/2012

Police accused of ‘suppressing’ anti-monarchist sentiment ahead of royal wedding The Independent 28/05/2012

Police misused powers during royal wedding, protesters claim The Independent 28/05/2012

Royal wedding protesters take Met police to High Court over pre-emptive arrests
The Evening Standard 28/05/2011

Police ‘suppressed’ monarchists
Press Association 28/05/2011

Activists fight royal wedding arrests The Morning Star 28/05/2012

Wedding protesters get their day in court
The Morning Star 28/05/2012

Royal wedding policing challenged Associated Press 28/05/2012

Royal wedding police challenge ITV 28/05/2012

Anti-monarchy protests ‘suppressed’ The Press Association 28/05/2012

Police ‘suppressed anti-Royalism during Royal Wedding’ BBC London 28/05/2012

Royal Wedding Protesters Put Police In Dock 28/05/2012

Activists arrested before royal wedding to challenge police in high court The Guardian 27/05/2012

Royal wedding protesters challenge police over arrests – video The Guardian 29/04/2012

Royal Wedding Day ‘zombie’ takes cops to court West End Extra 18/11/2011

Met offer £5,000 compensation to arrested royal wedding protester The Guardian 23/11/2011

Royal wedding officers ‘acted unlawfully’ when they detained us, say 20 who have won right to challenge police operation The Daily Mail 11/11/2011

Judicial review into royal wedding arrests BBC News 10/11/2011

Zombies held in police swoop: Protesters spend four hours in cells on day of royal wedding The Evening Standard 20/05/2011

Activists battle police over right to protest The Independent 10/05/2011

London Police Sexually Assault 2 Trans People During Royal Wedding? The Bilerico Project 02/05/2011

Not the royal wedding activists say they were held by police to avert protests The Guardian 01/05/2011

The royal wedding: a street-level view – video The Guardian 30/04/2011

Royal wedding: five charged after arrests
The Telegraph 30/04/2011

LGBT activists arrested during royal wedding Lesbilicious 29/04/2011

Arrests, but wedding security declared ‘huge success’ The Independent 29/04/2011

Royal wedding: police criticised for pre-emptive strikes against protesters The Guardian 29/04/2011

Royal wedding protest: three anti-capitalist activists arrested The Guardian 28/04/2011

Police raid London squats Workers’ Liberty 28/04/2011

Anti-royalists banned from London royal wedding protests The Metro 26/04/2011

Royal wedding: two protests planned as police consider pre-emptive arrests The Guardian 19/04/2011

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