Charlie Veitch

Veteran protestor Charlie Veitch was arrested on April 28th, the day before, because the police claimed to have “reasonable grounds to suspect that you have conspired with others to cause a public nuisance in relation to the royal wedding”. He was then moved to an undisclosed location and denied his right to a phonecall or a lawyer.

Charlie Veitch speaks about his experience:

The Love Police have written a thorough account of the events of the day.

  1. In the days running up to the Royal Wedding, at least 3 major news outlets approached Charlie Veitch for comment. It is perhaps worth watching the reports to understand his statements within the context of the Wedding’s security operation…


    “We are likely to see hundreds if not thousands of people dressed all in black as anarchists perhaps engaging in destruction of corporate and government property.” – Charlie Veitch


    “For the Royal Wedding we are going to see what we call a disruption spectacular”

    “A shock and awe campaign. It will involve a lot of fireworks. It will involve a lot of people dressed in black. It will involve a lot very, very loud music.” – Charlie Veitch


    “If in the year 2011 i would be put off by by spreading a political anarchist message for fear of violent retaliation then i would be a coward. I stand by my convictions” – Charlie Veitch

    Incidentally in each of the reports he is described as as “anarchist” – something he clearly isn’t.

    I ask the creators of this website: were you aware of these statements? And how significant do you think they were in terms of police intelligence gathering?

    I read the “thorough account” by the Love Police but i see no mention whatsoever of the above comments.

    Further to these comments, you may be interested to know that Veitch conducted a series of ‘debates’ entitled “Fire Bombing McDonald’s: Different Paths to Revolution” at festivals during 2011. Here’s footage from his visit to the Sunrise Festival…


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