Charing Cross 10

The British Transport Police officer’s comment confirmed our suspicions that the police were using pre-emptive arrests as a political tactic to keep republican voices off the streets and out of the public eye. – Daniel Randall, arrestee

Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Personal Account
Media Coverage

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

The Charing Cross 10 are ten people who were on their way to a republican demonstration at Trafalgar Square. When they realised this wasn’t happening they turned around and were heading towards the “Not the Royal Wedding” street party organised by campaign group Republic, which was taking place in Red Lion Square. They were stopped by British Transport Police just outside Charing Cross station.

The Charing Cross 10 – who remained peaceful throughout – were stopped and searched, were kettled by police officers and TSG (territorial support group, also known as riot cops) ‘to prevent a breach of the peace’ and were then wrestled to the ground (assaulted) and arrested for ‘breach of the peace’ despite not having broken any laws.


The Charing Cross 10 are stopped and searched. At 57 seconds the member of the British Transport Police states “the Met have been going ’round, rounding up people for the royal wedding, to make sure there’s no problems.” They then ask for the protestors’ details. When the protestors refused, as they were completely within their rights to do, the British Transport Police used Section 60 powers to stop and search them.

The Charing Cross 10 are arrested

Daniel Randall – one of the Charing Cross 10 – speaks to the Guardian:
Guardian Video

Personal accounts

29 April 2011: the day it was illegal to be a republican in London – personal account from Daniel Randall, one of the Charing Cross 10

“Committing a protest”: The Charing Cross arrests – a personal account from a member of the Charing Cross 10 who wishes to remain anonymous

Media Coverage

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